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Mesoamerica Eco Tours

Mesoamerica Eco Tours is an organization that specializes in the development and commercialization of Rural Tourism services ( Community Based Rural Tourism) in the Central American region, starting with  COSTA RICA . It is a  private  enterprise, however its objectives seek qualitative growth of the  communities.

The organization will seek to establish business relationships with all companies and organizations whose activities in COSTA RICA and the rest of the region are intended to strengthen the rural tourism (Community Based Rural Tourism)  within a framework that involves supporting projects that help to improve the quality of life of people residing in areas where they operate . This involvement must be demonstrated through concrete actions that are being developed for the area involved . These actions consist in generating employment for local  people ,  in contributing   in   actions  that strengthen the micro and small business , the funding  in  improvements of  infrastructure that will benefit all the residents,  in the support of   areas of education and health . It also must commit to work for the conservation and the prevention  of the forest of  pollution by deforestation of the forest in any form .

Although it is a private organization with their activities seek to encourage fair trade and the fair tourism. Its main objective will be to work on the design, development and marketing of tourism products differentiated.   To fulfill this objective will seek to converge on plans and actions with other organizations and / or companies that have similar purposes.


Another of his priorities will be to raise funds for training to help strengthen the managerial and business skills of  the local entrepreneurs. For remodeling and / or construction of rural tourist facilities that meet with customer satisfaction . And yet meet the standards of sustainability , and whose benefits are directed at strengthening the overall growth of communities and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.


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